About Us

The lifestyle of the modern Indian has grown from being rooted in tradition to imbibing the west and has finally settled for a marriage of both. We Indians, all across and outside the country, fancy the style and stature offered by the latest global trends but also take deep pride in our origin and love its bold display and authenticity.

Thus was born, the idea of creating a brand that promised the comfort of the current trends which is made unique by the flavors of our past - our traditions, crafts, our roots. Ma Thulir brings this blend of contemporary design and indigenous crafting to its curated line of products ranging from apparel to lifestyle accessories, artifacts, and antiques.

Based out of Tamil Nadu, Ma Thulir is named after the state's famed mangoes.' Ma' in Tamil, means mango. The fruit, native to the homeland, is a symbol of Indian culture that has become a favorite all over the world. 'Thulir' refers to the first leaves of a plant.

It symbolizes the start of something new; young energy brimming with possibilities. The show stopper of the brand is our curated line of silks. A wardrobe staple in India, silk sarees have withstood passing time and trends and emerged evergreen.

Surpassing traditional labels and conservative conforms, Ma Thulir silks are known for their chic quality, unique make, and charm. Wearing Ma Thulir, a girl becomes the woman she's meant to be. Clad in confidence, she's the pinnacle of grace.

Our drapes feel like a dusk-time breeze - refreshing, rejuvenating, ready to take on the night. It's the perfect 21st century silk! At Ma Thulir, we bring to you not a saree or an artifact. We bring an experience that's global in spirit but Indian at heart.

Our Vision

The vision of the brand is to celebrate the Indian traditions, fabrics, lifestyle and to share it globally. Ma thulir finds its place in being the 'Glocal Indian Brand'. It celebrates the authentic arts and crafts of India being contemporarily adapted to create a unique line of modern lifestyle products that are the latest, state of the art but flavoured Indian.

Our Mission

The mission of the brand is to enable its customers to create memories for every occasion. Things are often attached to remembrances, and that's what makes them evergreen, even when they go out of style or use. The mission of ma thulir is to create elegant products that withstand the test of time, that live beyond its time to remain a cherished item or a fond memory.

Note: Our brand name is "Ma Thulir" but our company name is "Ma Thulir Silks"